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Physiotherapy Services

Laura Lunn offers customized physiotherapy for a broad range of acute and chronic conditions. Your physiotherapy treatments follow a collaborative approach, mutually agreed upon between you and Laura. 


Focus on hands-on care, using a holistic approach for acute and chronic conditions. 

Treatment for acute conditions requiring bed rest, as well for as chronic multi-system debilitating conditions such as edema management, pain management, and cancer. 

Prevention and education services are provided concurrent with treatment, including: 

  • Pain management 

  • Range-of-motion and strengthening 

  • Co-ordination and balance 

  • Education and instruction in ongoing home management 

  • Rehabilitation from acute injuries, chronic and repetitive strain conditions 

Treatment Techniques

Treatments are tailored to each individual’s requirements. 

For orthopaedic type conditions, treatments can include the use of machines, (ultrasound, IFC, TENS,) hydrotherapy, exercises, instruction and hands-on manual therapies. 

Hands-on techniques include:

Joint mobilization Myofascial release
Craniosacral therapy Rolfing
Manual traction Trigger points
Acupressure & acupuncture Functional exercises and movement
Ergonomics and posture Hydrotherapy exercises.

Treatments for orthopaedic conditions include:

sprains/strains tennis elbow sports injuries
tendonitis TMJ arthritis
headaches chronic pain fibromyalgia
post-accident orthopaedic surgery joint replacement
pre- and post-natal care

Treatments for neurological conditions:
Bobath and Rood approach for strokes (CVA), head injury , MS, ALS. 
Often both orthopaedic and neurological conditions co-exist, and both are treated during the same visit. This eliminates the need for two visits to different therapists. 

Treatments for respiratory conditions:
Effective breathing and coughing and upper extremity mobilizations for asthma, COPD, etc. Techniques from Brompton Hospital, England and St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto - Dr. Waldermar Kolaczkowsk. 

Pediatric treatments (treatment of children):
Exercises combining fine and gross motor age-appropriate skills are provided within a child-friendly context. Conditions such as delayed development, and ADD having physical challenges.

“Optimum care leads to excellent outcomes”